Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Crazy Dream #10......

I don't usually have crazy dreams on back-to-back nights. I wonder what tonight holds in store? It must be that weird, convoluted, shoot-em-up library book of Hubby's that is making me dream this weird stuff.

Last night I dreamed that, on a whim, I went online and ordered tickets to the ice skating events of the Winter Olympics because they were being held nearby. Because clearly the Deep South would be an excellent location for them to hold the Winter Olympics. And clearly it would be a simple matter of going online and printing out my own tickets, the way I do for baseball games. Because they would be so easy to come by and everything. Not like the tickets to the curling events, which would be horrendous. (Katydid, wonder where the ice skating reference came from? Hmmmmm........)

So here I had tickets to ice skating, and Hubby was coming by to pick me up. For some reason, we weren't living in the same place. I was living in a teensy weensy duplex (similar to the one I lived in before he and I started living in sin got married). He and another couple, with whom we have gone lots of places, went out to eat before the ice skating. And then suddenly I was back in my little duplex and he had gone home, and I was all like, "Wait! We didn't go to the damn Olympics!!!!!!! He tricked me!" And I can't believe I just said "I was all like." That's what these dreams do to me.

In my dream I was torn between getting in my car and driving to the Olympics by myself, because I really wanted to see those ice skaters, or plotting my revenge on him. I was trying to think of something that I could to do get back at him.

Beyond the obvious, which apparently I had already done, moving out and leaving him without a cook.

As it were.

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