Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Wednesday....

We have to watch Buzz Aldrin dance again next week? Seriously?

Ditto Ochocinco. And Kate Gosselin. And Pamela Anderson. Couldn't they have had a four-way elimination? I'm just sayin'.....

They have Spanx for men. Wouldn't you think the men who would wear Spanx for men would have just gone ahead and worn Spanx for women? I'm just sayin'.....

It's that time of year when our smart/motivated/desperate students have figured out that as soon as they finish their coursework, they don't have to come anymore, and they are kicking it in. Guess who that leaves us with for the next gazillion days? And that's just until Spring Break.

It's that time of year in the South when I'm wrapped up on a blanket in the mornings and wearing shorts and flip-flops in the afternoon. Heat on in the car on the way to school, air conditioner on the way home.

I'm having lunch with some of our students and some local leaders, including our incoming superintendent, this Friday. That means I can't wear jeans. But I think I'll wear my "blouse" that has Harley-Davidson embroidered across the back.

My hair is now long enough to French braid. I will have to stop myself from wearing it that way every single day.

I had a parent "conference" this afternoon with the mother of one of my online students. I was drinking a beer. I love teaching virtually.

Tomorrow is the birthday of my step-daughter's ex-husband. I could really use that hard drive space for something useful. Where is my delete key?

Hubby was trying to describe what Gus looked like after rolling in the leaves this afternoon. We spent 10 minutes trying to come up with the words "ghillie suit". Then we had to research (if you can consider Wikipedia real research) to find out that it is Gaelic in origin and originally meant "servant."

I just don't believe my sweet boy looked anything at all like that.

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Maggie said...

Parent- teacher conference while drinking a beer? O.M.G. You totally rock!