Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Profile Picture......

I need a new profile picture for my blog. I have noticed that several of my friends change/update their pictures every now and then, and I'm still using the same one from when I started a year and a half ago.

I would like some reader input on which photo to use. Feel free to leave me a comment indicating your preference. Keep in mind that there are very few from which to choose. I am usually the one BEHIND the camera. From outward appearances, it would appear that Hubby goes on exotic vacations alone. As a matter of fact, it pains me to have so many images of myself on this blog post.

Some of them are several years old.

Okay, that's enough. Have a good week!


Maggie said...

My first choice is you and The King because I'm a dorky fan of BOTH of you!

Second choice would be the first one of you, riding your bike with arm aloft!

Great pics! (And the baby picture is so adorable, too! That would be my third choice!)

Lynn said...

The 2nd is my choice. It reminds me of when we worked together. I still have a CYA file at work with at least one copy of every piece of paper that I have dealt with.

Anonymous said...


Evil Pixie said...

I'm torn between three... With the King, in the white jump suit (looks like for sky-diving), and the grouchy face with the bike helmet on. Love it! :)

Julie said...

I like two-
the one with you riding the bike,

and the one of you sitting in the restaurant because you have such a nice smile.