Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some of Life's Greatest Mysteries......

On a field trip a couple of weeks ago, a colleague took this picture of one of our girls.

At the bottom is a Bible verse, "And give yourself completely to God" (Romans 6:13).

It is a powerful sentiment, "True Love Waits," and it takes a strong teen to wear it proudly these days.

Her baby is due the first week in June


This is a bottle of dishwashing detergent sitting on the shelf above the sink in our cafeteria. Our cafeteria isn't actually used to COOK food. Our building is an old elementary school, and I think it outlived its health code sometime around 1954. Our students' lunches are brought in from one of the area middle schools.

This bottle of detergent may have been sitting there when Truman was in office.

Once again, I apologize for the poor quality of these photos, taken with my iPhone which is mostly a phone and only to a lesser degree a camera. I KNEW I wanted to take this picture, but I still didn't remember to take my camera to school.

I want to point out that this bottle of dishwashing detergent has an expiration date.


Just what happens when dishwashing detergent expires? Does it taste bad? Isn't it SUPPOSED to taste bad? Or does it begin to taste GOOD, thereby negating its usefulness as a tool for mothers to wash their children's mouths out?

If we are found guilty of violating a code for having a bottle of dishwashing detergent that is past its expiration date, who is going to write us up? The nutrition manager? Or the head custodian?



Anonymous said...

I just spit out my drink reading the first one!

Lilith said...

I about choked on my lunch reading the first one. I was like, that's sweet and it's hard to find a teenage girl these days who is willing to wait, then I got to the last line and lost it!