Friday, March 19, 2010

March Madness.....

I've never been that much into basketball. I NEVER watch professional basketball, and only occasionally do I watch a college basketball game on purpose. If the Bulldogs are on t.v. or the computer, I might turn it on, but I'm usually crocheting or something at the same time. I'm not riveted to the screen the way I am for football. Or baseball. Or gymnastics. Or the Olympics.

I loved watching high school basketball when two of my nephews played. I was as rabid as any fan, particularly since one of them played for my alma mater.

I didn't fill out a bracket sheet this year. The whole thing sort of sneaked up on me. Did you know that "snuck" is not even a word? Our local newspaper doesn't. I was going to fill out a bracket sheet and pick teams either according to whose colors I liked better, or which mascots should be able to beat the other. Within those constraints, if Stanford had been in the tournament (were they?), they would have been the first to go. Who has a freakin' COLOR as a mascot? They are not the Cardinals. They are the Cardinal. As in the color. Complete and total lack of imagination.

Hubby has fallen asleep (surprise, surprise) with the television on the NCAA tournament. He doesn't care for basketball either, but things could be worse. It could be some golf tournament from Dubai. At least this game features a team for whom I can dredge up some emotion. Georgia Tech is playing Oklahoma State. I can pull for Georgia Tech because they are from my home state. Then if they get beat, I can revel in the fact that they lost. Because they are, after all, Tech. And their uniforms are ugly. That isn't gold. It looks like something that got washed with the wrong colors.

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