Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not Quite There Yet......

I'm feeling a little .... incomplete. No, that's not the right word. Maybe .... unfinished. I'm not sure that's the right word either. I find myself in many places that are .... just not quite there yet.

The school year is three-quarters of the way through .... just not quite there.

The virtual school semester is over halfway through .... just not quite to the end.

Winter is almost over .... just not quite spring yet.

Gymnastics season is almost over .... just not quite to the post-season yet.

I am trying to read one of Hubby's library books .... I'm just not quite into it yet.

My afghan is about 79.9 percent finished .... just not quite done.

The weather is almost warm enough to start wearing capris and sandals (which opens up my wardrobe considerably) .... just not quite yet.

Hubby retired for a couple of weeks and then went back to work part-time .... not quite able to sleep in.

Major league baseball is in spring training .... but not quite to the games that really count.

Spring break is right around the corner .... but not quite soon enough to suit me.

Some of our students are on the verge of completing their coursework, which means they don't have to come anymore .... they just aren't quite finished.

The week is almost over .... but it isn't quite Friday (and jeans day) yet.

I have almost put in enough years teaching to retire .... but not quite.

I have almost decided which photography course to take .... but not quite ready to commit.

Bedtime is almost here .... oh yeah, that one I can fix.


Maggie said...

If we want to wear jeans, usually on Friday, we pay $1 that goes into a scholarship fund for kids. If I have the chance to work for this school system next year I'm going to write a damn check for $180 so I can wear jeans every single day.

Maggie said...

My jeans comment almost, but not quite, had something to do with your post.

Bragger said...

Mags - One of the schools I used to work for would let us donate money to the 3-Day Breast Cancer walk and earn the right to wear jeans. We got a little pink ribbon pin that we had to wear when we wore jeans. I always donated the maximum so I could wear jeans any time I felt like it. I loved it!

Curley said...

Very funny write. I think the word you are looking for is Limbo. No wait isn't that a game? Oh well, it was fun to play along.

Anonymous said...

I love this entry!

Bragger said...

Curley - After I went to bed last night, I said to myself, "Self, the word you were looking for was 'limbo'".

We must be thinking alike. Be afraid. Be very afraid.