Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sexy Legs and a Nice Guy Too.....

Just when I think Hubby can't surprise me anymore.......

We have a wood stove in our living room, and it does a good job of heating the downstairs in the winter. It's very cozy. Sometimes it's downright sultry.

There is this guy we have been buying firewood from for a few years. He's the uncle of Hubby's ex-brother-in-law, but don't let that confuse you.

He's old, living off Social Security, lives in a mobile home, sells firewood on the side to make ends meet.

Well, not anymore. They found him dead earlier this week, presumably from a heart attack.

He had been living with the same woman for a number of years, and I don't even know her name. They were a pitiful sight, two old people hauling pickup truck loads of firewood for what little money they could get out of it. It hurts me to think of them cutting and splitting logs for not much money.

He called Hubby earlier this summer and asked if he wanted a load of firewood. At first we hesitated, it being a hundred degrees outside and all. Then we relented because he said he might not have any firewood next winter. Hubby told him to bring him TWO loads, because we can always use it, we have plenty of space to put it, and he doesn't like the thought of running out of things like beer and firewood.

When they brought the wood, something came up in conversation about him possibly not having any firewood when winter gets here, and he looked kind of sheepish. He finally admitted that he sort of made up that little fib because he was desperate for money and was hoping Hubby would buy some.

Hubby's mother called tonight and said that the woman-whose-name-I-don't-know had called someone ELSE sort of related to her deceased live-in (we really need names for these relationships) and said she had one dollar to her name, and she would sell a load of firewood for $40. But she couldn't haul it by herself.

I just couldn't imagine what good $40 would do her if she's in dire straits. And what will she do when that $40 runs out?

We drove over to their mobile home, and Hubby gave her $200. He told her he would come get the wood later. Or not.

It's situations like those that just make you stop and wonder if your problems are really all that bad.

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