Saturday, September 19, 2009


Unfortunately, I am not a movie person. It isn't that I don't LIKE movies; I've seen many movies that I liked. Some of them I liked enough to watch more than once.

That may be because I don't always remember what I saw. I remember whether or not I liked it, but the details escape me.

Hubby, on the other hand, has a wonderful memory. He remembers dialogue, scenery, characters, and most importantly, the events of the plot.

I, on the other hand, forget what I've seen almost immediately.

Yes, I realize I'm up to three hands now. Let's return to the issue at hand. (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha -- I crack myself up.)

Maybe that's why I don't watch many movies. A colossal waste of time if it's just going to leak out of my brain.

I was going to make a list here of movies I HAVEN'T seen. I checked a couple of websites for lists of all-time greatest movies. Some of them I didn't even RECOGNIZE!

But I got embarrassed at my obvious lack of culture. I'll just keep the details to myself.


Maggie said...

Oh come on- the list can't be that bad, can it? maybe you've seen more than you remember... :)

Lakeland Jo said...

you are not alone- I am the same myself about movies.I remember very few, and watch very few.

KatyDid53 said...

We have discussions at work in which I cannot participate, as they are almost always about movies. You should see the incredulous looks I get from my young (male) co-workers when I tell them I haven't seen this movie or that movie. They wonder what I've been doing with my time! At least you have always read books! Try comparing lists with a movie-watcher! Love ya.