Friday, September 25, 2009

I've Got Reasons......Lots of Reasons.....

I had my hopes up that I would have tickets to the UGA football game tomorrow night. I was all excited for a number of reasons. For one thing, the game is at night, and it has been a lifetime since I was in Sanford Stadium under the lights. Seriously. Sweet Girl's lifetime.

For another reason, it's football. Nuff said.

Finally, Hubby is out of town, so Katydid was going to accompany me to the game. Now don't get me wrong, I love Hubby. (That's the second post this week in which I've had to justify that.) But he doesn't believe in staying past halftime of a football game. Sixth or seventh inning of a baseball game. Halfway through a NASCAR race (for that one I don't mind leaving early). At a gymnastics meet, he bolts from his seat as soon as the last competitor has landed on the mat. Even if I have done the math, I want to see the awards ceremony. Katydid, on the other hand, will stay in the stands with me until the band leaves.

The two opportunities I had for tickets, however, both fizzled out. One I have to admit was longer than a long shot. Hubby was in a drawing at work for tickets, and he wasn't even there to claim them because he's on a golf trip. I was hoping they would call his work phone and tell him he had won, and I was going to intercept the call and tell them he was on the golf course (certainly no lie), but I would come get the tickets. You think I'm joking. The phone has sat there stubbornly silent all afternoon.

I'm trying to mask my disappointment by coming up with a bunch of reasons that it's probably a GOOD thing that I didn't get tickets.

  • Traffic getting to the game.
  • Traffic getting home from the game. In the dark. I don't see too well at night since my monovision lasik surgery.
  • Parking. Expensive IF we could find it.
  • Drunks. 92,785 of them. As opposed to one.
  • Television has instant replay for EVERY play.
  • Time. Take a three-hour game and add about six hours of tailgating, plus an hour of travel time (not taking into consideration the traffic), and it's a long day.
  • At Sanford Stadium, they only sell Coca-Cola products. It hurts my soul to buy anything made by Coke, but I get thirsty.
  • When you buy bottled water at Sanford Stadium, they take the cap away from you. Seriously. Last year I bought four bottles of water and had about six ounces total left in the bottles by the time I made my way back to my seat.
  • Not having a voice for two or three days after the game. In my job, my voice is my only defense.
  • It's going to rain tomorrow. Buckets. And umbrellas are not allowed in Sanford Stadium. Something about water running down off them and watering down the drinks that the drunks are not supposed to have in the stadium. Or safety. I'm not sure which one.
  • If I take my crocheting to the game with me, people will assume I'm one of the 92,785 drunks. At home I can crochet to my heart's content. Never mind that if the game isn't going well, I often have to remove several rows because the stitches are so tight.
  • I don't have to wear a bra to watch the game on television.
  • I don't have to worry about what to wear, knowing that the temperature at the beginning of the game will be different from the temperature at the end. And they'll both be wet. Oh, I already said that.
  • The snacks at my house will be a whole lot cheaper than the ones at the stadium. Not to mention closer.
  • I can keep up with the progress of the other games being played, particularly SEC teams. Have I mentioned lately that I hate Steve Spurrier? I KNOW they played last night, but I can stay mad if I want to.
  • I can mute the announcers on television if I want to. There's no shutting up the drunk(s) behind me (I think they follow me from game to game) who know everything about college football and could manage the game so much better than Mark Richt and Mike Bobo.
  • I can see Hubby when he gets home from his trip.
There. I feel better.

A little.


Anonymous said...

were you drunk when you made the list!?

Love ya anyway!

KatyDid53 said...

It's okay, really. It IS a big hassle to go to a game anymore. But if you ever DO get tickets . . .

I'm just sayin'.

King of New York Hacks said...

Sounds like a yankee game LOL