Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reasons to Be Happy.....I Mean Ecstatic.......

  • Football season is officially underway with South Carolina playing N.C. State.
  • 514 school days until retirement.
  • The motor home is almost a done deal. All that remains is exchanging a large check for a set of keys.
  • I am officially caught up on my virtual school grading. For tonight.
  • My "real" school had our first PLC Fun Night tonight at a pizza place . . . and it really WAS fun. Plus I didn't have to cook.
  • Tomorrow is officially "wear your favorite college colors" day. Not that it's different from any other Friday for me, but I'm prepared to be especially decked out tomorrow. Minus the face tattoos . . . those are strictly for wearing to games.
  • I never have to talk to that psycho virtual school parent again. This was the parent who ranted and raved the other night for so long, but today she went postal and became abusive. I hung up on her. My administrator officially said I don't have to take any more calls from the whacko.
  • Tomorrow is Friday, and it's a holiday weekend. And we don't have any plans to go anywhere this weekend. Wouldn't do any good if we wanted to. Hubby has to work on both Saturday (his normal day off) and Labor Day.
  • Hubby only has 161 days until he retires. Those are real days, not school days or weekdays or other such nonsense.
  • I started over on the afghan. I refuse to be defeated by a couple of skeins of yarn.
  • I have lost almost all 10 of the pounds I gained over the summer. You know, when I was exercising EVERY STINKIN' DAY. Sometimes twice a day. Still exercising every day . . . 40 pounds to go.
  • The first hint of fall is in the air.
  • My bills are paid for the month and I have money left to buy groceries. I probably should stock up . . . my "furlough days" pay cut kicks in at the end of this month.
  • 128 days until the Gym Dogs open their 2010 season with an AWESOME senior class -- Grace Taylor, Marcia Newby, Courtney McCool, Lauren Johnson, and Lauren Sessler. The SECs are being held in the same city where Sweet Girl lives . . . a dual purpose road trip for Katydid, Nurse Jane, and me!


Anonymous said...

I found your dissertation online tonight while getting our library tutorial. It scared the shit out of me - as did the fact that Diane was one of your committee members. That's one intimidating lady!


Maggie said...

that is QUITE a great list! and enjoy a relaxing weekend- it sounds like you need one!

AmandaSue : ] said...

a PLC fun day? coooool. I miss the PLC =[ did you think you would ever hear someone say that? lol i'ma try to come visit some time... if I can borrow my dad's truck on one of his days off or something... i miss you =]