Friday, September 18, 2009

Barbie Crazy.....

Like a lot of little girls, my Sweet Girl was crazy about Barbie dolls when she was little. If we had saved every Barbie (or Stacie or Ken or wannabes) she ever had, we too could have a room that looked like this.

This is at Hubby's uncle's house in South Carolina. When his aunt told me she collected Barbie dolls, I pictured some like the ones Sweet Girl has, still in their collectible boxes. Olympic
Barbie. UGA Cheerleader Barbie. Duke Cheerleader Barbie. (I have no idea where that brief fascination with Duke University came from.) Several Gone with the Wind Barbies. Which I stupidly took out of their boxes one year to put in the display case I bought to....... display them in.

No, this is an entirely different sort of collection. I guess it's a form of Empty Nest Syndrome. With her children gone, Marie needed something to put in the guest room. She has filled at least 5 bookcases with various Barbies.

I wish I had some close-up pictures. This was a couple of years ago. For all I know, they may have built an entire house by now, just for Barbies.

She buys dilapidated Barbie dolls at yard sales. Then she takes them home, cleans them up, fixes their hair, and dresses them in the clothes that she often gets at the same -- or other -- yard sales.

Some of them are grouped by color of the clothing. There's an entire section of wedding Barbies.

This puts my shot glass collection to shame.

At least they only take up a curio cabinet . . . not an entire room . . . yet.


AmandaSue : ] said...

i could probably spend a day in this room and be completely happy!

JennyMac said...

WOW...I have never seen so many Barbies in my entire life. This is a phenom collection!

Maggie said...

I.......I......I'm speechless. Wow, that's a LOT of Barbies.