Thursday, September 24, 2009

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About English......

In an effort to create some inter-disciplinary projects and/or learning units at our school, we gave the students a survey. We asked them two questions about each subject area: "How does ______ relate to your world?" and "What is one thing you have always wanted to know about _______?" where the blanks represent each subject area.

We may never get the projects and/or units planned, because all we do now is sit around and laugh at some of the responses. I will share with you only the ones that relate to English, my subject area. These are copied exactly from the survey, with no editorial changes (shudder):

How does Language Arts relate to your world?

  • why do i suck at it?
  • it teaches me things that writters have written in the past some about how they grew up i lonve the storys
  • It teaches how to be better and grammer and how to speak with correct english.
  • language arts helps me write and when i say write i mean writing good like from the heart. i love to write my own poems and i love writing letters and notes to peolpe. i am always writing something.
  • The only thing that language arts is used for in real life is writing a letter to you boss.

What is one thing that you have always wanted to know about Language Arts?

  • Why is there so much reading.
  • Why do we read old poetry
  • Why do we have to bother..
  • why is it so long and so boring.
  • Why is it so complacted to spell?
  • how you can really creativty.
  • how did the people in the oolden days know how to write what made them statrt writting
  • why do we have to read everything and takes you a long time to read lol
  • I want to know all the backroads of grammar because I'm bad at it.
  • There is nothing I want to now about Lanugage Arts.
  • Why do we learn about british liturature and why do we read the stories from that time that we cant even read cause we cant understand them cause it sounds like another language. all we do is read them talk about them for a day then take a test?? whats the point??
  • why is it not proper to write a paper the same way you text.
  • Why is Shakespear so important
  • Why do we have to read stories?
  • Why do we have to learn all the different parts of speech. (noun, verb, conjunctions...) No ones job is going to have them checking for verbs and nouns in a sentence. (accept teachers)
  • why do we have to read stories why cant we just learn the subject.
  • Why is it called language arts instead or reading arts?
  • Why do we read stories and poems and things about the pass that does not have anything to do with language arts?
  • I have always wanted to know the most important facts about it.
  • I have always wanted to know how someone can just sit there and make up those amazing stories and use the most complecated words ever and still the story makes sense. Where does the creativity come from? Why don't i think like that?
  • why we borrow words, and never return them...eheheheee...i guess...
  • Why do we have to do romeo and juliet, that relates to nothing, but its a subject that has to be covered.

I'm thinking we have our work cut out for us.


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why is it not proper to write a paper the same way you text

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