Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kotzebue, Alaska.........

Since I joined the blogging world a little over a year ago, I have found a community among people who have never met face-to-face. I would venture to guess that some of these people would even consider themselves friends with their fellow bloggers, even if they have never met.

One blog that I read regularly comes from a wonderful photographer in a tiny village called Kotzebue, Alaska. The lady who writes the blog moved to Alaska from New England -- can you make a more drastic move than that? I admire anyone who has the wherewithal to pick up and move across the country. I consider myself fairly well-traveled for a small town girl, but I live within 25 miles of the town in which I was born.

I enjoy reading her blog for the cultural references as well as the photography. Her pictures are magnificent.

This tiny village suffered a tragedy last weekend in the form of a devastating fire. She has asked her fellow bloggers to post a link to her blog if they are capable of lending financial assistance to the villagers who lost everything in the fire. I am happy to do so, and I have already written her a check.

Go here to read her post, and help if you can, but also take the time to read some of her other posts and look at her beautiful photographs.

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Maggie said...

The pictures are beautiful! Go her! i admire people who just get up and move! ;)