Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hotel Shampoo.......

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel guilty for using the little bottles of shampoo that hotels provide?

If I use it, I'm afraid they think I'm too cheap to bring my own. So I usually bring my own.

If I take the little bottles just because they're there and I feel like they are included with the price of the room, I feel a little bit like it's stealing. Kind of like taking their towels.

And if I DON'T use them and leave them still sealed and lined up nicely on the counter, I feel like they think, "Stupid woman, doesn't she know the shampoo is free?"

Don't even get me started on the shower caps.

What if they start putting the shampoo and conditioner in the mini-bar?


Maggie said...

I'm still giggling out loud over this...

I like to use the hotel shampoos and will take 'em home, even. I've never thought about being guilty about it. great, I will now!

How do you feel about the sewing kits?

Bragger said...

Hmmmmm..... sewing kits. I guess I could always find a button that needs to be secured. Then I could justify it. Ha ha!