Monday, August 31, 2009

I Hate Skinny Girls Who Can Ride 100 Miles......

Team Chi-Chis did another bicycle ride yesterday. We all took our jackets with us to ward off the rain demons. But we left them in the cars, because no way was it going to rain.

Bad move.

This was probably the only ride I have gone on when I have NOT taken a change of clothes to wear for the trip home.

Another bad move.

We decided to ride the 66-mile route (another bad move?), and only the last 20 were miserable. It started raining at the last rest stop, and then it slacked off a little bit. The rain actually felt good at first. But only at first. Then it felt like needles, and believe me, we don't ride that fast. It was also cold rain. In Georgia. In August. Go figure. Every now and then we would ride through a puddle, and the water in the puddle would be warm from pooling on the pavement. I started angling for those puddles just to get my toes warm.

When the lightning started popping, we knew we'd better take cover. But you can only stop for so long -- the end sure ain't coming TO you. We were only 10 miles from the end (only?) when we sought shelter, but we still had to ride those last 10 miles.

At the last rest stop, I overheard the following from a skinny, fit girl who was talking on her cell phone:

"No, it's okay. Just tell him that I've ridden 81 miles, so I've still got about 22 to go. Oh, and my back is fine."

I hate her.


Anonymous said...

I hate her, too. Just so I can support my friend!

Maggie said...

I would've drowned her in a warm puddle.