Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back to School.......

A new school year starts tomorrow.

540 .... I mean 538 .... school days to retirement.

I've known all along that school started on August 3rd.

But at dinner tonight, it hit me.

August Freaking Third.

What in the world is going on?

Is this a sign of the apocalypse? We start back to school while it's still summer? Are you KIDDING me?

We will hand out our first progress reports BEFORE. LABOR. DAY.

We will have five Casual Fridays before the first college football game.

And we get our lovely furlough days in No-Freakin-Vember? And one of them is on a TUESDAY?


That fits nicely into EVERYONE'S schedule.

Two more (sort of random) signs that the apocalypse is upon us:

  • On The Price is Right the other day (Sweet Girl, I know you can't believe I only watched it three times all summer), one of the models was VISIBLY PREGNANT. And they mentioned it!
  • The church up the street from us has a "For Sale" sign in front of it.
Anyone even remotely connected to the beginning of a new school year, whether it starts tomorrow or at some more decent time, have a wonderful school year.

So far, I've made my lunch the night before (instead of scrambling around madly at 7:30 AM, which I should be leaving the house) one night in a row.


Lilith said...

We start school here August 14th. And while in the past it made sense because the statewide test all students have to take was in the Fall, it's been moved to the Spring, so I have no clue why we are still starting to early!

Speaking of school, whatever happened with that student who's mother you thought was turning in all their work for them?

Anonymous said...

Andy and I have always wanted to buy a church and convert it into a house! How much are they asking???