Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday.....

Mondays are going to be tough blogging days for me. I tried to come up with the equivalent for Wordless Wednesdays, but I got nothing.

I don't know what's worse: having something to do every night, or having many things to do on one night and getting it over with.

Last year I scheduled my live online teaching sessions on Tuesday evenings. But I always felt that the week was already in full swing, and going over upcoming lessons was pointless because they had already started. Except for the slackers who wait until midnight on Thursday night. But they're on their own.

This year I decided to teach online at 7:30 on Monday evenings and get it out of the way for the week. Which is a terrific idea. Except then I found out that the line dancing class I want to go to at the YMCA is also on Monday. At 5:30. So we either have to eat dinner at 5:00, approximately 45 minutes after I get home from school, or we have to try to cram it in between 6:30 and 7:30, when I teach.

So far we've tried both approaches. I'm not happy with either of them.

I'm thinking next Monday we'll have sandwiches for dinner. On paper plates.

And while you are asking yourself why you bothered reading this meaningless blog post, I will leave you with two random thoughts that struck me during my 5-minute dinner tonight.

#1 - On the package of bacon bits, it says "100% real bacon." Isn't that redundant? I mean, they're either real or they aren't. The bacon bits can't be 50% real, can they? Would that mean that every other bacon bit is real? Or half of each one is real?

#2 - On some literature about a motorhome (yes, I've almost worn him down), there is a statement that "there is still room available for a full size adult to sleep in the overhead cabin." Is that as opposed to, say, a 50% size adult?


Anonymous said...

Okay, wait! You're line dancing!? Is Hubby doing this with you? If so, how the hell did ya convince him of that!? Mine won't dance with me.

Lilith said...

So when you teach online, you actually still have to lecture and "hold" class? What happens if someone's internet is out by say a storm or some act of nature?