Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Paying (Sort Of) Writing Gig....

My friend Rozmo, who always knows how to handle people and has the best ideas in the world, approached me via email yesterday about writing regular articles about cycling for Freewheelin', magazine for the Southern Bicycle League. (Don't bother looking for it online; it really ain't that big.)

I was flattered that she (and VT and JC) had that kind of confidence in me. I had written for the magazine before, but to be a REGULAR contributor .... that's almost like I'm a real writer.

I would have done it just because Rozmo asked me. Because like I said, she knows how to manhandle ..... I mean handle ..... people. She just has a knack for making people see things her way. And if they don't see them her way, they will do them anyway just to make her hush.

But the kicker came at the end of the email. She said if I agreed to do it, all my BRAG rides (and t-shirts!) would be complimentary. That's three (or two) rides a year that average about $100 each with t-shirt, and the big cross-state ride is over $200.

So what if they don't send me a check? At least I don't have to send THEM one.


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful!!!! And for the record - I think you're a real writer!

frogger_blogger said...

I've always thought you were a real writer. You have a great gift, and I'm glad that someone who matters finally noticed!

May I have your autograph?