Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tour de Pink......

I don't usually use my blog as a desperate plea for fund raising, but my friends VT and Rozmo are already ahead of me in money raised for Tour de Pink.

It's a bicycle ride in Atlanta in October, and the purpose is to raise money for the fight against breast cancer. That cause is particularly meaningful to Katydid and me, because we have a first cousin and two maternal aunts who have suffered from this disease. Most of us know someone who has been affected in some way.

Hop on over and look at our page by clicking on the link below. Even if you decide not to make a donation, take a look at our awesome picture.

If you DO decide to donate, there is a drop-down menu at the top (in the pink bar). I don't really care which team member you decide to donate to.

The ride length varies from 1 to 100 miles, and I won't say at this stage of the game how far we will choose to ride that day. It depends upon many things: how cold it is, what time kick-off is for the Georgia game against Vandy, my general feeling of well-being (or not), my attitude, and what the route looks like.

Our team name is "Team Chi-Chis", and I will cheerfully reveal the meaning of that team name to anyone who makes a donation to the cause.

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