Friday, August 28, 2009

One-Night Stand......

Hubby and I are in a hotel (?) in a very small town in South Georgia. We made the 3 1/2 hour trek down here after I got home from school today. That is such an unnecessary sentence that any English teacher worth her salt would strike through it twenty times with a red pen.

The purpose of our visit is to look at a motorhome that Hubby found for sale on the internet.

It's NOT like one of these.

Unless we win the Mega Millions lottery tonight, with a jackpot of $333 million. I'd settle for just the 3 on the end of that number.

More like one of these.

And while I would like to say that I will post photos of the REAL motorhome we are going to inspect tomorrow, that won't be possible because A) I left my camera at home; and B) the battery in it is dead anyway. I may be able to take one or two pictures with my Blackberry.

Then a 60-mile (?) bike ride on Sunday with Katydid and the rest of Team Chi-Chis. And sometime this weekend I have to find time to buy groceries and grade the bazillion assignments that my online students have managed to turn in just today.

Damn these over-achievers!


Lynn Rambo said...

Just in case YOUR numbers didn't hit and you're hoping one of us can help you purchase the BIG DADDY motorhome???
I'm out - $20 down the drain :(

Lakeland Jo said...

If I won that sort of money I would buy my favourite soccer team Newcastle United!