Friday, August 1, 2008

Usually #1 is a GOOD thing...

...but I really wish the USA Today/Coaches' Poll HADN'T picked my beloved Georgia Bulldog football team to start out the season at #1. I mean many teams have ever maintained that ranking throughout the whole season? Okay, I don't know myself, but I'm guessing it's rare. There's only one way to go from #1....... I'd rather start out the season at, say, #10 and work our way up. I've already had bad dreams......I dreamed that South Carolina beat us AGAIN. And my husband dreamed that some podunk team (think Appalachian State vs. Michigan) beat us in the first game, and even in his dream he was saying, "Man, they shouldn't have ranked us #1 to start the season."

We may be just a little bit over the top, having nightmares about football. And I'm more over the top than my husband is. If we are down 35-0 with three minutes left in the game, I HAVE HOPE! Hubby, on the other hand, thinks that all is lost as soon as the other team scores, even (or especially) if it's in the first two minutes.

On a positive note, it appears that Larry Munson WILL return to announce home games this season, as he is in the final stages of rehabilitation following surgery to correct a subdural hematoma this past spring. Yay! It's just not Georgia football without that gravelly voice.

I'm ready for the season to begin........................Go Dawgs!!!!!!!!!!

Photo Courtesy: Radi Nabulsi
UGA Football


Anonymous said...

I think I may be killed for this comment, but...I hate football!

Do I have to vacate the immediate area now?

Bragger said...

You don't have to love football for ME to love YOU! XOXOXOXOX