Sunday, August 31, 2008


Sweet Girl has heard all her life how much she looks like me. She hates it; I hate it FOR her. Like I guess a mother tells identical twins apart, I see many differences in our looks. She still hears it, though, as do I. Students see her picture on my desk and say, "Y'all look just alike!" (We are in the South, after all.)

We were in JFK airport when she was 9 years old, on our way to Italy. The man running the cash register at one of the stores looked at us and said, "Ah! Twins! Same face....same hair!" To which Sweet Girl was compelled to respond, "She dyes hers!"

I know we have blond curly hair in common, and we both have rather round faces and chipmunk cheeks, but I don't see that we look "just alike."

It's hard to deny that our baby pictures are almost identical, though. I SWEAR these are two different people. Baby Me on the left; Baby Sweet Girl on the right.


Anonymous said...

Wow that's amazing. My daughter's baby picture is a spitting image of my Mother's. It's funny how that works.

Ann(ie) said... are NOT kidding. How adorable are you two? My boy looks quite a bit like me as a baby. poor dude. ;)

Cheri Pryor said...

The resemblance IS uncanny. Really amazing!!

LiteralDan said...

That's crazy! It's like my dad and I-- the only way you know who is who is by which one's in black and white.