Saturday, August 9, 2008

Too tired to be witty.......or even coherent

I would love to be able to say something clever and/or witty tonight, but I'm just too damn tired. Who knew a puppy could cry ALL NIGHT LONG? I finally got up at 5:45 this morning to shut her up so Sweet Girl could sleep. What's up with THAT? It's her damn dog!!!!! I had planned to stay with her through tomorrow, but she hasn't really needed my help, there wasn't much of a recuperation from this minor surgery, and I just didn't think I could take another night of a crying puppy. [I have to keep looking at her pictures (the puppy, not the Sweet Girl) just to remind myself how precious she is. Otherwise I may be inclined to forget.] All those factors joined forces to convince me to come home today instead of tomorrow. I'm glad the 6-hour drive is behind me and not ahead of me. And I'm glad I have a day to get laundry done, buy groceries, and watch the Olympics before starting the school year on Monday. Where did the summer go?


mickie said...

I can relate to being tiered althhough not because of a crying puppy. Remember when it was tae cying babies that kept us up all night, and we managed to do it day after day (for me it was year after year). Thank goodness we can go home or send home our grand babies ro grand puppies.
Good luck on Monday!

Anonymous said...

if you can convince my hubby to let me get a puppy I'll give you a peaceful place to crash for a nap!