Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Reality T.V.

What won't they create a reality show about? My daughter and I are watching "Greatest American Dog" on t.v. What is up with all these reality shows? (Let me remind you that I'm at my daughter's house, and the likelihood of me CHOOSING to watch this is right up there with me being America's Next Top Model.) There have been some cute moments on this show (being that I love dogs and all), but COME ON!!!! I just think the reality shows reached the saturation point a long time ago, and now we're approaching the point of being ridiculous.

Maybe this negativity is just the culmination of a very long day at the hospital. The surgery on my sweet girl's back went well, but because they gave her a spinal block, it was a long time before we could leave. She had to pass the wiggle-your-toes-walk-pee test. She's in very little pain, thank the Lord, but it will be a couple of days before she can drive. Two weeks before she can get in a pool or the ocean. DAMN!!!!

She'll probably kick me out before Sunday anyway. She has this rule that you can't wear shoes in her condo, and I keep forgetting to take mine off.

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