Tuesday, August 26, 2008


There's some statistic (or "expert" out there somewhere) that says the average adult will have 7 careers in his or her lifetime. Not jobs...careers.

I guess I'm below average. I haven't really had that many careers.

I worked as a sort-of secretary while I was in college.

When I graduated, I stayed on at the same job. For about $4.08 an hour. With a college degree. Gimme a large personal break.

Then I became a medical transcriptionist at the vet school. Not much more money, but I learned to type like a fiend. And when I got all the day's transcriptions done (they came in on a machine in our office......there were two of us, and we really didn't have to interact with the outside world at all), I could sit and read or cross stitch or talk on the phone.

Then I moved upstairs to become a senior secretary (which was actually the lowest position in the office, go figure) in large animal medicine. There were two of us for a faculty of about 22. The other girl in the office was a bee-atch, and I hope she reads this. (Forgive me, but she really was not nice. I went home with a migraine one time, and she told a freakin' FACULTY MEMBER that I had Alzheimer's.......I had forgotten I had a job. Funny, I haven't had migraines since I left that job.)

I had always said I wouldn't be a teacher because they didn't make enough money. Helllllllllllloooooooooo? I was making $5.00 an hour WITH a college degree? And I didn't get to take the summer off? I didn't even DO drugs! What could have happened to my brain?

That was when I decided to go to graduate school (another thing I said I wouldn't do) and get my teaching certificate. My daughter was 6 months old, so working and going to school wasn't easy. I went to work for my mother (sigh) as a secretary/envelope stuffer/receptionist. But she paid me full-time even when I didn't work full-time, and for that I'm grateful. I think she even paid me when I was doing my student teaching in another county. AND she took my daughter to daycare. AND she kept her on the occasional weekend. Thanks, Mom, just in case I haven't told you lately how much you helped me out when I decided to grow up and get a real job.

I've been teaching for 23 years now, and I really don't know how that's possible.

But I'm guessing there won't be any additional careers for me. Except retiree.


Cheri Pryor said...

23 years? Good for you! Teachers are the underpaid, underappreciated heros of modern times. I'm totally serious!

Hmmm....my careers:
Clothing store manager
Shoe Salesman
Advertising Sales (my most hated)
Graphic layout/design
Technical Support
Power System Dispatcher (current)

7. I'm so average. *sigh*

(btw...I'm officially your blog-world stalker. But in all fairness, you started it! lol!)

Anonymous said...

I've been a:

floral designer
stay at home mom
freelance writer

I'm hoping the last one sticks