Monday, August 4, 2008

Shoe Shopping Spree

I don't normally consider myself a shoe person. In fact, I'm not much of a clothes person at all. I typically have one pair of black shoes, one pair of brown (hey, I'm not COMPLETELY fashion ignorant), and then I come up with as many excuses to wear sneakers to school in a week as I can manage. Because my teaching job actually requires that I sit at my computer for most of the day, I am occasionally without shoes at all. I have even been known to walk across the room barefoot if I think the question I'm answering will be a short one and the superintendent isn't in the building. And my pedicure is fairly recent. (Note to self: Add that to the things-to-do-before-school-starts-back list.)

In the past week, however, while doing my back-to-school-clothes shopping, I have purchased seven.........count 'em, seven....... new pairs of shoes. And I can't wait to wear each and every one of them.Although I didn't particularly like the heel on the above pair, I loved the style. They are for wearing with black pants that lean more to the casual side. I bought two new pairs of black pants. One is rather ordinary; the other is almost denim-like with big legs and white pinstripes. They are awesome. I'd include a picture of them, but they are at the alterations shop having approximately nine inches cut off the bottom. I'm not exaggerating this time.

The above shoes I would have to characterize as "so ugly they're cute." It's hard to see the shiny, almost patent-leather part in the middle. These look like they're straight out of the 90's...... the 1890's. And I love them. They are for wearing with dressy black pants. Those too are being hemmed. Sigh.
I don't usually do heels, either, and the heels on the above aren't as high as it looks. They are very comfortable (so far), and although it's hard to tell in this picture, they are brown, for wearing with dressier tan or brown slacks. Oddly enough NOT being altered, but I didn't think about trying them on with the shoes until after I started this blog. And I'm not getting out of this recliner.

Another black pair for wearing with jeans, casual slacks, capris, or even shorts. Since here in the South it stays warm enough to wear sandals all the way through October, these will probably get a lot of wear. Yes, I can get away with wearing shorts to school. I love my job!
Ironically, the shoes pictured above are the LEAST comfortable out of all my purchases. Go figure! Something about the heel rubbing. I've been trying to wear them around the house to break them in, and all I can manage is about 15 minutes. After that I'm walking kind of like Frankenstein, not bending my leg so the shoe doesn't have an opportunity to rub on my heel. But aren't they cute? They're actually lighter than navy blue, so they may not work with navy slacks. Jeans and shorts perhaps. And bandaids.

These brown shoes are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo comfortable. I'll wear them with casual brown slacks (as soon as I buy some), khakis (as soon as I buy some), and jeans. I had to get over the velcro fastener....makes me feel ancient. But I think these will hold up all the way through winter, if I wear socks.

And naturally, new Reeboks for casual Fridays, when we can wear jeans or denim capris. Or any other day of the week when I can manage something casual-but-not-jeans and wear my sneaks. I usually have one pair of sneakers that look nice enough to wear to school for a few months, and one pair that I don't mind wearing to the park for our daily walk. When the school pair starts looking grungy, I start walking in those and retire the others and buy new ones for school. I have tried other brands of sneakers, but Reeboks are the ones that work best for me. They are true to size, comfortable, and I don't need a long time to break them in.


Julie said...

They must pay teachers better than I thought! 7 pairs of shoes! Holy cow! You can wear a different pair each day. Although you may also need to change your name to Imelda!LOL

Good luck with your new school year. I have the utmost respect for teachers.

Kim said...

Those are nice picks, like your choice of shoes.