Thursday, December 1, 2011


I promise you I am NOT one of those high-maintenance women. I typically dress for comfort (but try to look nice at the same time) rather than paying much attention to fashion. If I'm not careful, I will continue wearing the same articles of clothing for years, completely oblivious of the fact that they have long gone out of fashion. (Aside: Did you know that the correct expression is "oblivious of...." and not "oblivious to....."? I learned that in my doctoral program. Money well spent, I should think.)

I had a co-worker several years ago who was known for making some of the tackiest comments known to man. I don't THINK she was deliberately trying to be mean; she just didn't think before the words came out of her mouth. Example: One morning we were both getting out of our cars at the same time, and she said to me, "Oh, I used to have a dress like that. Every now and then I start to wear it, and then I tell myself, 'Susan, that dress is way out of style now.'"

I had three or four dresses in the same style, and I went home and put them ALL in the goodwill pile. And I liked them! But I could never wear them again without thinking of her thoughtless remark.

And that's another thing. When I find something I like, it's not unheard of for me to have two (or more) of the same item in different colors. I may not even buy them all at the same time. When I was shopping for clothes at the beginning of the school year, I didn't intentionally buy three satin-looking tunic-length blouses that are only slightly different in the design. One is purple, one is red, and one is brown. Yesterday there was a wonderful sale at the ONLY department store our little bitty town has, so I stopped in after school with my additional 25% off elite shopping pass. Yes, I realize I was suckered. I found some adorable boots (can't figure out why I've been on a boot kick lately, but there it is...sorry, pun not intended) and couldn't decide whether to buy them in brown or black. I stood there for the longest time, considering my wardrobe and what would look good with the boots. I have some new brown slacks, so I eventually bought them in brown, and I wore them to school today.

After school I stopped in the same store and bought the same boots. In black. And a pink sweater with sequins on it. I am neither a pink girl nor a sequin girl, but there you have it. Perhaps I am trying to transform myself?

The good news is that once this binge is over, I am unlikely to buy any more clothes until the spring. Good credit card thinks a nuclear meltdown has occurred.

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Kelly said...

I have a bit of a weakness for shoes. I don't blame you for going back and getting the same boots in another color.

I hope I remember your lesson on using "oblivious" properly. I really do try to pay attention to my grammar, spelling, etc. when I write blog entries, but I know I slip up often enough. I sometimes wonder if you read my blog with a red pencil in hand, itching to make corrections!