Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired....

I really, really, really wanted to write a cheery post tonight. It seems that lately all I've done is whine and complain.

But this one is kicking my butt.

It seems that the cold I had briefly a couple of weeks ago and I thought was gone just went into hiatus and then returned with a vengeance.

How is it that my head can be so stuffed up one minute that I cannot breathe, and the next minute my nose is dripping? (Sorry for the graphic description.)

And why is it that I describe it as "just" a cold?

I want it to have a more important-sounding name than that. I want it to end in -itis. Or -monia. No, no, no, I don't mean I want to BE that sick. I just want it to SOUND like I am. What a baby.

When I came in this afternoon, I told Hubby I was going to bed and wake me in an hour so I could cook dinner. Smart man that he is, he said it wouldn't be necessary to cook. He could fix himself a sandwich. Have I mentioned lately that I love that man? He did, however, allow me to grill him a sandwich when I came back downstairs an hour and a half later. So there go a few of his points. He should have been grilling ME a sandwich, but that's too close to cooking for him.

The nap did some good, though, and I was able to bake a cake so I can make cake pops tomorrow night. I really, really, really want to feel better tomorrow morning, because tomorrow afternoon is supposed to be the best weather for cycling we've had this month. And we DON'T have a bazillion interviews tomorrow afternoon.

Off to take some drugs and cross my fingers...

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DJan said...

I do hope you are much better by now. I found a great tea that really helped me recover from my last cold, called "Throat Coat" by Traditional Medicinals. If you can find it, it is really effective. It's really licorice tasting, too, which I like.