Saturday, December 10, 2011

By the Numbers......

5 - School days left until Christmas Break.

95 - School days left until retirement.

30,000 - Number of people Katydid and I estimate were in attendance at today's memorial service for Larry Munson, the legendary voice of the Georgia Bulldogs for 42 years.

15 - Seconds of fame I may or may not have acquired by being interviewed by an Atlanta television station before the start of the memorial service.

0 - Number of those seconds I got to see on the news, despite having set my DVR, due to the fact that a football game ran over into the newscast and the DVR wasn't smart enough to keep recording.

99 - Probability out of 100 that I sounded like an idiot on television.

0 - Number of dollars I spent at the UGA bookstore today. Sure I left my purse in the car, but it wasn't THAT far, and I could have easily gone to get it.

84 - Number of dollars on the price tag of a sweater for which I was seriously lusting. At least I couldn't make an impulse purchase.

45 - Minutes I spent on the elliptical today. A Saturday!!

0 - Number of cake pops I ate when I took them to school on Friday.

1,000,000,000 - Brownie points I would like to put in the bank by combining the above two items.

4 - Thanksgiving pounds I still need to lose.

15 - Days until Christmas Day.

1 - Probability out of 100 that I will lose those pounds before Christmas.

17 - Days until Hubby and I go to Atlantic City for our Christmas trip.

0 - Amount of post-Christmas debt Hubby and I will have.

13 - Level I've reached on Angry Birds.

27 - Days until the college gymnastics season begins. Go Gym Dogs! Go Utes!

1 comment:

DJan said...

Those are some impressive numbers, Bragger! I am especially impressed by a few of them, which will remain nameless. I don't know a thing about Angry Birds, or that one would probably really wow me! :-)