Sunday, December 4, 2011

My First Cake Pops.....

The Book Man comes to our school every couple of months ago and leaves a selection of stuff for us to peruse. We can fill out an order form, leave a check in the big brown envelope, and then several days later, just like magic, some student who happens to be in the office (yeah, you want THOSE folks running errands for you) will bring you a stack of whatever you ordered. Odds are you may have forgotten in the span of those few days just what the heck you ordered. Or why. Odds are even greater that you may purchase crap that doesn't even fall into the category of "books." But whatever.

Last time the Book Man came, I ordered this jewel.

I got carried away looking at the pictures and didn't even notice that the author is Bakerella, someone whose work has been featured on the Pioneer Woman's blog from time to time. If I remember correctly, Bakerella went to Pioneer Woman's lodge and made some cake pops. But I may have made that up. I'm kinda tired.

When I saw the book I wasn't even sure I was going to keep it for myself. I thought it might make a good gift, or something I could put in the store at next year's Nash Bash. The fact that I'm not a kitchen diva has been well documented here. With research and everything.

But the cake pops sounded so easy, and they looked so irresistibly cute, that I decided I would attempt some on my own. And it wasn't enough just to make them; I volunteered to bring some to school as rewards for students who haven't pissed us off as much as the rest of them have have shown success in coursework, standardized testing, or attendance.

There were several designs with a Christmas theme, but I decided on the Christmas trees. I really liked the Santa hats, but they required TWICE the dipping and two different colors, and I didn't want to push my luck. (You can find those on Bakerella's site. They're adorable.)

They weren't a total disaster, but you may notice (if you can see past the glare of the reflection from the treat bags) that I only decorated a few of them. It was tedious work, and it was taking me about 5 minutes to decorate each tree, not counting the time I spent looking on the floor for the #$*!#$ microscopic sprinkles I was trying to use as decorations. At 9:30 I said "screw it" and left the majority of the trees naked.

I apologize that the pictures aren't better. I didn't take the time to photograph each step of the process, and I only had my point-and-shoot handy.

It wasn't very difficult to make them, but it is an all-day project. (Note to self: Beginning this little adventure at 4:00 PM probably isn't the best plan.) One thing that bothers me about making cake pops is the waste. You have to melt enough candy coating to dip the entire cake pop at one time, so that means there is a lot left. I guess I could have saved it and used it again, but I didn't think I would need any dark green candy coating any time soon.

I may make some cake pops again, but I think I'll stick with something round and simple. Smiley faces. Basketballs.


DJan said...

That's an awful lot of treats for someone who started at 4:00pm. I'm actually impressed! :-)

Kelly said...

I'm very impressed! I saw some kind of cake pop molds advertised on TV the other day. Did your molds come with the book?

HeroCakePops said...

These came out darling