Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Christmas Gifts.....

I know Christmas isn't supposed to be all about the gift-giving, but I do want to let everyone know how much I appreciate the gifts I received this year.

Hubby and I agreed several years ago not to exchange gifts. However, this year when Sweet Girl and I were at the UGA bookstore and I lusted after a particular sweater that was WAY too expensive, she (unbeknownst to me) texted a picture of it to Hubby and said, "Buy this for Mom." And being the generous (and practical) guy that Hubby is, when he learned I would be back on campus the following weekend, he showed me the text he had received from Sweet Girl and said, "Go buy this for yourself." And he gave me the money for the sweater. So naturally I felt obligated to go buy him something. But then I didn't.

Our real gift to each other for the last few years has been to take a trip around Christmas time. In fact, we are on said Christmas trip even as you read this, because I'm not sure of the wi-fi availability in this casino (a new one for us) and I took the precaution of pre-posting. Is that even a word? I hope to regale you this weekend (or next week) with stories of our trip to the COLD northern part of our country

Sweet Girl bought me a Coach purse AND a Coach wristlet. It was much more important to her than it was to me that I have a designer purse. But I have to admit the split-strap backpack-type UGA purse I've been carrying for about five years has become rather worn. And stained. And annoying. It also forced me to clean out my purse (so THAT'S where that card was all this time), which is a gift in and of itself. The wristlet is very convenient for taking to the poker table, since I don't like to take my purse into the casino. I'm not sure that was Sweet Girl's goal when she bought it, but it works for me.

Hubby's daughter and granddaughter gave me a very cute (but very HUGE - haven't they noticed?) UGA t-shirt. It has a tropical theme and the words "No Gators Allowed" on it, so I'll wear it to sleep in if nothing else. They also gave us a gift card to a restaurant they know we frequent. Frequently.

Hubby's daughter's (new) boyfriend gave me a Snuggie. I wasn't sure they really existed outside the skits and cheesy commercials. But at least it is a UGA Snuggie, and as cold-natured as I am, it will actually see some use. Besides, it's the thought that counts. They've only been dating for a few months, and the guy she dated for TEN YEARS never saw fit to give us anything for Christmas. So far he's a keeper.

Hubby's sister gave us another restaurant gift card. Do these people know us, or what?

My mother gave me a very generous check. She also said it was NOT a Christmas gift, so technically she didn't give us anything. But it would be ungrateful of me not to mention it anyway.

I am very blessed with family and friends, so the material gifts are just a bonus.


DJan said...

My hubby updated my Mac with Lion and then gave me a Magic Track Pad. It's awfully nice to have such a cool gift. I'm enjoying it a lot. :-)

What nice gifts you got!

Anonymous said...

I got my first UGA sweatshirt for Christmas. I've been wearing it for days!!!

Kelly said...

My husband surprised me with a "professional weather center". Considering we rarely attempt surprising each other with gifts, he did a good job.

Sounds like yours did well, too.