Sunday, December 18, 2011

I Think I'll Call it "Pineapple Fluff".......

I have a recipe for a sort-of dessert that I make for Hubby every now and then. Oh, and me too, but I modified the original recipe to suit Hubby's diabeticness.

I'm surprised I ever made it the first time, because the name turned me off immediately. I found the recipe in the newspaper, and it was called "Dump Salad."

Could they have come up with a LESS appetizing name?

It suits me for several reasons. #1 - It's sweet. #2 - It's simple. Okay, two reasons.

Here are the very simple steps and ingredients:

1 large can crushed pineapple (you can use other fruits, but our favorite is pineapple)
1 box Jell-O (I use sugar-free lemon)
1 container (16 oz? maybe?) cottage cheese
1 tub Cool Whip (I use Lite, Free, or Sugar Free, and I'm pretty sure they're all exactly the same)

Drain the fruit, pour the Jell-O mix on top and stir. Mix in the cottage cheese, then fold in the Cool Whip. Allow to set in the refrigerator.

I have also added walnuts (excellent) and I think I've tried coconut in this recipe. Then it can be called "Tropical Fluff."

I took this dish to a family reunion once, and my brother LOVED it. He asked what was in it, and when I got to the cottage cheese part, he started gagging. Then I discovered that Hubby doesn't particularly care for cottage cheese either, mainly due to the texture. (I think it's merely the IDEA of cottage cheese, but whatever.) So I started putting the cottage cheese in the food processor before I mix it in with the fruit and Jell-O. It processes up beautifully and looks like a gorgeous cake frosting. But I wouldn't recommend putting it on a cake.

It's a wonderful dessert for holiday gatherings, because it makes a large bowl, but it isn't a heavy dessert. Unless you eat the entire large bowl all by yourself.

Not that I've ever done that.

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Maggie said...

I have a very similar recipe that uses mandarin oranges...