Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back in the (Saddle?) Again.....

During last school year, I got pretty good about getting on the elliptical every. single. morning. That was in addition to any cycling I might do in the afternoon, one or two nights at Zumba class, walking in the park with Hubby some afternoons, and cycling on the weekend.

I started out this year doing the same, but the routine of going to take care of Hubby's mama every morning began to get to me. I stopped getting on the elliptical every morning, even though I technically had the time to do so. I just chose to spend that time crocheting, reading, or playing on the computer. I justified it as "me" time that I deserved because I now had to make several trips down the road every day to take care of my mother-in-law.

Don't get me wrong; I didn't resent having to help her. I wasn't pouting and that's why I got out of my morning exercise routine. It was more an issue of using that time in the morning to decompress, trying to keep my sanity.

Mother-in-law has been back to taking care of herself for three weeks now, and it took me until this week to get back on the elliptical. It is SO HARD to get back into those routines once I get out of them. I tried to talk myself out of it this morning, but I finally made myself get dressed and go down to the dungeon basement to exercise.

And I feel much better throughout the day. My mood is better, and I haven't wanted to throttle nearly as many students this week since I've been getting my engine jump-started every morning.

I have to get back on the bandwagon as far as food goes too. I told myself I wouldn't use the Thanksgiving holiday as an excuse to overeat/eat the wrong things, but myself didn't listen very well.

And maybe it will be warm enough this weekend to do some cycling. I would like to shed these last 15 pounds (and the 5 friends they allowed to stay over after the holiday weekend) before the end of the school year.


DJan said...

I hear you about getting all out of joint when your routines get whacked out of shape. I fight with myself every Saturday about going swimming because they changed the times for lap swims.

Kelly said...

I understand about routine. I hate to exercise and MUST do it first thing each morning (well, five mornings a week) or it does not get done at all.