Saturday, November 26, 2011

Crazy Dream #15......

Last night I dreamed about things school-related. I must be missing those reprobates darling students of mine. (Particularly the one who is a huge Georgia Tech fan - How 'Bout Them Dawgs!!!!)

In one part of my dream, I had a trouble-maker of a student whose name was Cheryl. (With apologies to my dear friend Cheryl from high school.) Only THIS Cheryl was about two and a half feet tall. So when I had to remove her from my classroom, I simply picked her up. She was cursing and screaming, and then she kicked at me and fell out of my arms. My students gasped and roared against me, thinking I had thrown her to the ground. If Cheryl had kept her mouth shut during standardized testing and not insisted on telling the rest of the students the answer to one of the questions, we might not have had such a confrontation in the first place.

In another part of my dream, but a continuation of the first part, we took our students on a field trip to a high school where I used to teach. One of the faculty members was showing me the pine board trey ceilings they had installed since I was there. What? I kept looking around for students who would still be there and remember me, and there were a few. I'm thinking they weren't on the honor roll, though, since I left that school in 2003. There was a man teaching chorus/drama at that school who had a huge mustache. I'm talking one of those handlebar mustaches, but it stuck out about three feet on either side of his head.

I didn't know taking pain reliever PM tablets right before bed would create such bizarre dreams. We'll see what tonight brings.

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Kelly said...

I have vivid dreams quite often. I dreamed about school last night, too, only I was the one in attendance. As you might guess, things weren't going well. I've always been told dreams like that indicate something wrong in our real lives. I'm not sure what this one was trying to tell me.