Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Calendar Comments.....

Our new superintendent sent out a survey asking for teacher, staff, parent, and student input regarding the calendar for next year. I participated in the survey even though I won't BE there next year, and I didn't put smart-ass answers typical of someone who won't be there next year. (I know, right?)

Today she shared the results with us, sent out a tentative calendar (which means nothing, since they changed it last year after many parents had already made plans), and included the comments participants could include at the end of the survey.

I know, I know, I already make fun of the people of my community way too much. (But I haven't tortured you with Police Blotter Blogger Fodder lately, now have I?) I shouldn't make fun of the citizens of my adopted county, the place where I am destined to spend the remainder of my days. Unless someone slips into our house in the middle of the night and performs a lobotomy on Hubby. Then all bets are off.

But some of these comments are hilarious. Some of them are just painful. I didn't make a single one of them up, though.

  • We appreciate you. (I could sort of understand this one if it weren't an ANONYMOUS survey. Kissing up is never a bad approach.)
  • Use common sense. (Did they understand these are EDUCATORS making these calendar decisions?)
  • The weather in November to have a week off is not condusive to having children home. To cold to play outside and to expensive to go anywhere being gas prices are raised as well as hotel and airfare prices. (I understand the logic, which is actually pretty good, but if one has CHILDREN in the school district, shouldn't one be able to spell words like "too"? I'll give them "conducive.")
  • Ask the city to widen HAYMOND MORRIS Rd. and make a side walk. (If the only chance you get to express your opinion is on a calendar survey, then by golly you should complain about the roads there. And putting the name in all caps might just make up for misspelling the name of the road. And "sidewalk" is one word.)
  • WHEN PLANNING PROM AND OTHER EVENTS.MAKE SURE THIS DOES FALL INTO MOTHERS AND OTHER HOLLIDAYS(SAME WEEKEND) (Because clearly the superintendent is in charge of things like prom. And the fact that it sometimes falls into mothers.)
  • I feel like the PDC should offer online classes for parapro's and substitutes that want to pursue a career in the teaching field.They should offer classes online each semester to earn credits to be a teacher like the online parapro classes.Especially if you have a degree. (Excellent suggestion, particularly on a survey about next year's calendar. We will have an early online course dedicated solely to the use of the apostrophe.)
  • Thanks for working to complete this difficult task! Good Luck! (A kiss-up and a cynic all rolled into one.)
  • something really needs to be done about the bus situation. (Maybe they didn't show up at all on the first day of school, and thus they need to be addressed in a calendar survey.)
  • Will there be furlough days? If so, how many and more importantly, why? (A legitimate calendar concern, but COME ON! No one likes furlough days, but isn't the "why" fairly apparent? It's only been all over the news since Herbert Hoover was President.)
  • Fall break should be on Halloween. (It's important that we consider ALL the major holidays and schedule our breaks around them, particularly the one-day ones that may occur in the middle of the week.)
  • Thank you for asking parent input! Wow! Children of mine (legal or biological) have been students at all levels in the ______ County Schools since 2001. It has been my uniform observation that children see the most success academically and relationally when they do not leave the school environment for long periods of time. Universally (and 2 of mine have IEPs) children have an easier time transitioning, with content retention, and acclimation if the school breaks are neither too long nor too close together. For the success of all our children, I hope you will structure all future school calendars to have evenly spaced breaks of moderate length. Thank you. (Wow! Please try to include each and every research/education ten-dollar word you've ever heard in your comments. This person not only signed his or her name, but included a phone number.)
  • Good Luck! I know that no matter what is decided on- you will never please the Majority! Praying for you, the Faculty and the final decision and acceptance of them. (Another cynic who believes both faculty members and the majority are important enough to have their names capitalized.)
  • In my opinion, school starts in August. In order to finish on time before Winter break, I would dismiss Fall Break in October because the children will be- (or) are getting a week of in November for Thanksgiving. This is just a thought. (And in my opinion, Christmas falls on a Sunday this year.)
  • The superintendent messed everything up Thanks So Much. (I promise you, I did NOT write this comment. I would have punctuated correctly and realized that some words do not need to be capitalized.)
  • We do not need to end 1st semester before winter break. We need to eliminate the month of August. . .too expensive. (Why hasn't someone already thought of this? Just REMOVE A MONTH FROM THE CALENDAR AND THE ECONOMY WILL BE FIXED!)
  • happy school year (Clearly this one requires a MAGIC calendar.)
  • Post the calendar early and do not amend later. This caused problems for my family since we planned vacation around fall break, but the calendar was changed resulting inu children missing 3 days of school. (From a parent for whom school is so important that the vacation plans were left intact.)
  • upcoming school events like PTO and write what school it's for (Huh?)
  • Really and truly consider what the teachers are saying. I feel we are given a "pretend" voice to say we had a say, but ultimately the board makes their own decision disregarding what we say. (Commenting about commenting?)
  • You will always have student/teacher personalities that from time to time don't match. I think some sort of student "suggestion box", cards, or a way that if there are a number students in the same class that are having problems with the way the teacher communicates and the majority of the students are continually lost, the students should, as a group be able to convey this to the school leadership (I can't believe some teachers are not communicating the calendar clearly to their students.)
  • Have a scheduled day off on Friday, before the GA/FL game....so many teachers and staff take that day off. It could save the county money, as now subs would be needed. (Finally, a comment that actually makes SENSE! Ludicrous as it may sound, the school district where UGA is located actually does have a scheduled holiday on that Friday. They gave up trying to find substitutes for all the sudden-onset illnesses.)
  • Please consider my options :) (Oh goodie. A kiss-up with a SMILEY FACE.)
  • Friday before the Georgia-Florida football game might be a teacher workday to save the county lots of money on subs. (I like your way of thinking, doofus, but are you aware that taking a day off on a workday is a huge no-no?)
  • I really would like Christmas break to be sooner and come back to school sooner. I really prefer having more time to plan for Christmas than being off for New Year's day. (Clearly not a football fan. Or a drinker.)
  • Consider scheduling fall break to include Easter (at the beginning of the break) (I hear you, bro! That's one heck of a long fall break, and I'm all for it!)
  • you should do whats best for our students. Teachers and staff shouldn't be considered (Two words: Bite. Me.)
  • Instead of paying us twice in December, We should just paid the end like we do all year. (WHERE has this person BEEN? We've NEVER been paid twice in December. And if everyone else has received a double check, I WANT MINE!)
  • GET RID OF SUMMER VACATION! WE ARE NOT FARMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (See above comment regarding two words. Times a hundred.)
There were three or four more comments suggesting that any Fall Break be combined with the Georgia-Florida football game. I would vote for any of those people for President.


Kelly said...

My favorite was the suggestion to schedule fall break to include Easter.

DJan said...

These are hilarious, you're right! And it is amazing that nobody knows how to SPELL any more.