Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Tee-Totaler Friend.......

The woman who will be riding to Mississippi with me this weekend is the wife of Hubby's closest friend. They have been married 40-something years, and you can tell that within the first five minutes of being around them. They argue and fuss just like the couple of old somethings they are, and if she's driving with him in the car, you better just have a nerve pill handy.

He drinks like a fish; she drinks none. She never has. She will go to the casino, out to eat, to ballgames, to tailgate parties, and she enjoys herself, but she doesn't drink.

Hubby said something one time about her being a tee-totaler, and I said I didn't consider her one. In my mind, a tee-totaler was someone who didn't drink AND was judgmental about folks who did. This lady never came across as being judgmental, probably due to the 40-something years of hauling her husband's drunk butt around all over the county.

Then one time we were at the casino, playing the slot machines one morning after breakfast before the guys went to play golf. I ordered a bloody mary (because that's what you DO at the casino, before you switch to something else after lunch), and she sort of scolded me. "Do you really think you need to drink that this early in the morning?" she asked.

Yep, she's a tee-totaler all right.

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