Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm Not Stalking Him, but It's Okay if He Thinks I Am........

Sometimes technology amazes me. Well, it ALWAYS amazes me, but sometimes it amazes
me in a non-pissed-off way. Like how I can type a blog post with my thumbs at school and schedule it to post later tonight, when I may or may not be more interested in having a bloody mary and gossiping with Rozmo and Katydid.

But that's not what this post is about.

I was balancing Hubby's checkbook at school this mornng (because so far no one has told me specifically that isn't a good use of taxpayers' money - am I as bad as the cheaters I wrote about yesterday?), when I noticed a charge that hadn't been written down. Mostly out of curiosity, I texted Hubby.

Me: What did you buy at Home Depot?

Hubby: Mower (he's a man of very few words, especially when it comes to texting)

Me: Did you just do that today?

Hubby: Ain't out of parking lot.

Oh what I would give if he hadn't known I was planning to balance the checkbook today. He would still be looking for me in the parking lot at Home Depot.

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Maggie said...

Oh priceless!

I bought gas at 11:30am and went to the back and it was already deducted from my balance by 11:45am. That's so scary!