Saturday, April 2, 2011

#36 - Go to a Hockey Game......

Suddenly it has been a busy weekend for the 50 Things to Do list. I've knocked out 3 of them this weekend alone, and there's still tomorrow to get through!

I almost missed my chance for #36 until next fall. I let the end of hockey season slip up on me, until my buddy Angie emailed me on Thursday asking if I wanted to go to the last home hockey game of the season.

Since Hubby was out of town and I didn't have anything else to do on a Friday night (other than cleaning house - yuck), not to mention it would satisfy one of my 50 Things, I told her I would love to go.

Apparently wearing a hockey jersey to a hockey game is required, so Ang brought me one to wear. This isn't one of those that the team auctions off, nor is it one purchased in a store. She is such a devoted fan that when the original owner of the jersey, a real, live hockey player, moved back to Canada to be a policeman, he left the jersey behind, presumably in his locker or something. Someone who works at the arena called Angie and saved it for her.

There is a lot I don't understand about the game of hockey. I know the puck is supposed to go in the net, but that's about it. I also know that fighting is part of the game, expected even. There was a fight in the game last night, and some fans behind me were perplexed when the referees broke it up. Apparently that's not how it usually goes.

I told Angie I hoped I would get out of the hockey fan mode before I went to this afternoon's gymnastics meet, as it is a more genteel sport. More on that tomorrow.

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