Sunday, April 24, 2011

By the Numbers.....

200 - School days I have left before I retire. Hell yeah I'm counting. That's 20 left in this year plus 180 next year. Unless the rumors about possible furlough days next year are true, in which case I will gladly alter the number of days I have left.

18 - Miles I rode my bike today AFTER spending most of the day with my mother. Which turned out to be much less stressful than I had pictured it. She just had knee replacement surgery, and she's still in a heck of a lot of pain.

10 - Miles I rode AFTER I met Hubby on his way home from the golf course and he offered to take me home. Turning down the offer of a ride in the truck might be a first for me.

3 point something - Miles I RAN in the park yesterday. In spite of the fact that my not-so-smart-phone said 1 point something. And then erased all evidence that I had done anything at all. Believe me, my hips know I ran yesterday.

0 - Number of times we were able to get Weesa's psycho dogs to go outside in the five days we've been taking care of them. They aren't socialized very well at all, and they bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark run under the bed bark bark bark bark bark bark the whole time we're in the house. It's extremely difficult to medicate dogs when you have to stick the pills-disguised-in-a-piece-of-lunch-meat under the bed.

0 - Degree of certainty that the right dog got the right medicine. 

2 - Number of times one of the psycho dogs bit Hubby.

0 - Redeeming qualities those dogs have. I told Hubby I was going to come home and cook a filet mignon for Gus.

1798 - Number of miles left to ride my bike to meet my goal for 2011. It sounds intimidating, but I'm actually ahead of schedule. Sort of.

3 - Number of evening meals I have to prepare this week. Hubby is leaving town on Thursday.

6 - Hours I have to drive after school on Friday to join Hubby at the casino.

1,785,881 - Number of times I've tried to get out of joining Hubby at the casino on Friday.

16 - Times Hubby has asked if I could miss school on Friday, when another teacher is already going to be out. With a staff of five teachers (four and a half, really), having two people out puts a burden on the rest. Hubby refuses to get it.

9 - Pairs of jeans, capris, and shorts I bought with my 30% coupon last week. All in a new size, one I haven't worn for a long, long time. I tried on every single one of them, convinced it was a fluke when the first one fit.

1 - Times I've ridden the Harley this year.

35 - Dollars I spent for a dorky-looking helmet that was supposedly **REQUIRED** for my kayak trip this summer, only to find out from Rozmo that we don't really need it. So glad I kept the receipt. I have a terrible habit of throwing receipts away.

2 - Numbers we had right in the lottery Friday night. Guess I'd better go to school tomorrow after all.


DJan said...

Bragger, those are some very interesting numbers! I just wanted to leave a quick comment here after my absence from doing so. Sometimes when I have a lot of blogs to read, I skip the long ones and come back later to read them but don't comment.

I have this bad habit of having to read every comment that came before mine and when there are too many, I just read the blog. Just explaining that I am still a follower! :-)

Evil Pixie said...

I love this post! I cracked up laughing at the number of times you've tried to get out of joining the Hubs at the casino. Classic! :)