Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Told You I Might Forget......

I just remembered something I was supposed to tell you from last week.

One of our students was pregnant and expecting sometime in June. I think she was in her 29th week when she went into labor last week. They tried to stop her labor, but they couldn't. On top of that, we already knew the baby was breech.

She went in for a Caesarean last week, and when I heard from her sister (also a student at our school), she said the baby was here, weighed 3 pounds 7 ounces, and was breathing on her own. A sweet baby girl named Sophia.

The next day the sister had pictures of the baby on her cell phone, and she wanted me to see them. She showed me how to scroll back and forth to see more pictures.

I scrolled too far.

Before she could grab the phone out of my hand, I was unfortunate enough to see a picture of a (maybe fully erect, maybe not) penis.

I would like to have that image laser-removed from my retinas, please.

I wanted to ask her, "Don't you know this is how your sister's trouble got started?"

The girl was embarrassed, and I was embarrassed. I don't know if she KNOWS I saw the picture, but I KNOW IT.

Please. For what reason could a teenaged girl have a picture of a penis on her cell phone? I mean, it's not like they are even pretty or anything.

Welcome to the island.


Anonymous said...

This would only happen to you! HAHA!!!!

Lilith said...

And this is the exact reason my picture messaging is blocked on my kids phones!

Kelly said...

I would probably be seconding that laser removal request if I'd seen it, too.

What are these kids thinking?! I guess that's the problem. Most of the time they don't.