Thursday, April 28, 2011

It Isn't Just Me.......

I have bemoaned (ad nauseum, you might say) on this blog the fact that I get frustrated by the Thursday night Zumba instructor. She's a newly certified instructor, and while she definitely knows how to Zumba, leading a class isn't her strength. It's unfair to compare her to the perky, animated, cheerful, lively, cute, upbeat Tuesday night instructor, but I can't help it. (The Tuesday night instructor is also the Friday night instructor, which has almost nothing to do with what I'm talking about, but I rarely go on Friday nights.)

Tonight I realized it isn't just me.

I haven't gone to the Thursday night class for the past three weeks. The 7th was my birthday, the 14th I went out of town for Spring Tune-Up, and the 21st I was on Spring Break and probably trying to coax Weesa's psycho dogs out from under the bed when it was time for Zumba.

I went tonight, and there were about 15 people there. This is in a gym that is usually packed with 35-40 participants. The Tuesday night class was packed; Thursday night not so much.

The instructor even commented that we were "quiet" and "so serious."

I decided not long after class started, when she continued to change moves in the middle of a musical phrase and sometimes not even CLOSE to the beat, that I wouldn't go to the Thursday class anymore.

Then I looked around at how few people were there, and I felt sorry for her.


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Anonymous said...

you have a good heart ;o)