Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monday Observations......

AKA Random Thoughts.

AKA Musings.

AKA ____ Things I've Learned this Week.

  • Laughing at a gymnast from an opposing team is probably bad karma, not to mention bad manners. But when she's a hot-dog freshman who forgets her floor routine, it's hard not to laugh. When they show it on ESPN instead of editing it out, it gets even funnier. When they show a REPLAY of her forgetting, it's side-splitting.
  • If I have to drive 10 miles to a bike shop to buy a new tube for my rear tire, it only makes sense to take the bike along and let the professional change the flat. AND pick up a spare tube.
  • Having taco salad (or any other Mexican food) before going to Zumba class is just asking for trouble.
  • I had never heard of the Wonderlick (Wonderlic?) test until I read about it being administered to football players who have just entered the NFL. A certain star receiver from a certain football team for which I am a RABID fan, who left before his senior year so he could play in the NFL, reportedly scored a 6 out of 50 on the test. If that's true, I hope he never, ever returns to graduate from my university. After looking at some of the sample questions, I would be ashamed to share an alma mater with him.
  • The sister who is the most calm and level-headed out of the three of us came over to the dark side on Saturday, if only for a moment. She is the one who reminds me and Katydid from time to time (meaning every meet) that good sportsmanship is important and it is impolite to boo the judges. She felt the judges were over-scoring the team that went on to win (and she may be right, but at least SOMEONE in the family has to remain objective - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha), and when one of their gymnasts fell on her bars dismount, Frogger Blogger shouted, "Nine-nine THAT!!!!" Much to the glee of most of the people in our section. Minus the parents of the gymnasts from the aforementioned team, who were seated about three rows ahead of us.
  • Hubby and I went to see our "godson" play baseball last night, and it was hard to get to talk to the Warrior Princess for all the damned MLB scouts who kept butting in. I lost count, but my co-worker who is one of the assistant coaches said there were 14 of them there. They look just like normal folks, wearing blue jeans and shirts with the tails out, but walking around with video cameras and stop watches gives them away.
  • The tree that I had to drag out of the road before I could go to school this morning fell from our neighbor's yard. It couldn't have happened more perfectly, falling right along the fence line. If it had fallen the other way, it would have taken out Hubby's truck, and possibly my car. That was the fiercest storm we've had in quite a while, and the damage around our county is significant.
  • There may be no food more perfect in the world than Cool Whip that hasn't quite thawed out all the way. Makes me want to go refreeze the rest of it.

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Evil Pixie said...

Hahaha! Lovin' the Zumba thought. I'm so envisioning catastrophe.