Monday, April 11, 2011

Gymnast has a Brain Fart......

I don't even like the word "fart" (it's almost as bad as that other "f" word to me), but I can think of no better description for this. Every time I watch this video (and I have watched it over and over, believe me), it gets funnier.

I'm going to preface this by saying I admit right up front that it's mean-spirited of me to post this. If this were one of our gymnasts....... it would still be funny. The fact that this team went on to kick our arses at the SEC Championships gives me enough justification to post this video.

Fast forward to the 7:23 mark for the beginning of this girl's routine. The funny part occurs right after her first tumbling pass.

Katydid and I saw this happen live and in person, and we looked at each other like, "WTH?" It was very uncomfortable. You wanted to scream at her, "Honey, DO SOMETHING!" Then you just wanted to scream with laughter.

Believe it or not, she got a decent score, a 9.75. Apparently once her muscle memory kicked in (because clearly her brain memory was shot), she included all the required elements. I'm guessing she got docked a little for her "dance" between those two segments, though.

I'll try to get back to normal tomorrow night, directing my sarcasm mostly at myself.

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