Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things I Wish......

I wish I cared about plants and gardening.

I wish I knew something about interior decorating. Or interior design. Hell, I wish I knew the difference between those two.

I wish I saw more movies, so I would at least know who folks are talking about when they discuss movie stars.

I will always wish I had straight hair.

I wish I were closer to my cousins. Thanks, Grandmother, for alienating all of us from each other.

I wish I could watch sporting events without becoming so emotionally involved.

I wish we had known Sweet Girl would be moving out when we let her get TWO cats. (Ahem)

I wish I had become interested in cycling when I was in college, instead of majoring in drinking and smoking (cigarettes only, thank you). Riding to class instead of fighting for a parking space or standing space on a campus bus would have been sweet. Not so much riding back UP Baxter Street to my apartment.

I wish when I decided to go to Wal-Mart after Zumba class tonight that I had taken a form of payment with me.

I wish I had already made my lunch for tomorrow.

I wish Dan Uggla would start hitting like he did when he played AGAINST us.

I wish I were interested in antiques.

When I came home from a party and my mother asked why I had been drinking, I wish I hadn't answered, "Would you believe because I was thirsty?"

I wish I hadn't spent all that money on a wedding all those years ago. Was it really necessary to have TWO DOZEN yellow roses in my bouquet?

I wish Tampa Bay were in the National League. Unless I'm way off the mark regarding the MLB draft.

I wish I could curl my tongue. I'm pretty sure I could do it when I was young. It's supposed to be genetic, and Sweet Girl can do it.

I wish I could remember what I was about to type here.


midlife_swimmer said...

wish wish wish wish wish :)

me too on some

Kelly said...

My college degree is in Interior Design and Housing. It covers the whole shebang, designing the space and decorating the space. I hated the decorating part. In my opinion, decoration is a matter of personal taste. I couldn't imagine why someone would need to pay someone else to tell them how to decorate their house. I preferred the design part....drawing up houseplans, etc. Of course that was back in the days of drafting tables, T-squares, etc. Now it's all CAD. At least my alma mater (UT-Knoxville) moved the department to the school of architecture. When I was there it was still in Home-Ec.

KatyDid53 said...

Will you explain the Tampa Bay thing to me tomorrow night?!

Starry wonder said...

I'll glafly take my cute beebies of your hands...I just don't know how JP will survive without Big and Little Brutus. teehee