Sunday, April 3, 2011

#40 and #43.........

I didn't set out for this to be a weekend of cramming in as many of my 50 Things to Do as possible. It just worked out that way.

It was kind of cheating to put #40 on the list in the first place. I knew I was going to attend a regional gymnastics championship meet because UGA was hosting one this year. I had been to nationals (twice) and the SECs (four times), and I ALMOST went to regionals last year. I was going to fly to Missouri on Saturday morning, go to the meet, spend the night, and fly back Sunday. I was going to do all this alone, mind you, because Hubby was out of town. The only reason I didn't go was that it was also the weekend of the Masters golf tournament, and I would have missed both Saturday and Sunday coverage. Instead I did a bike ride, watched the P-A-I-N-F-U-L meet on the computer (glad I didn't pay all that money to go out there and see them lose in person), and got to see the Masters too.

Anyway, #40 was already planned for, but because I hadn't done it before, it qualified for my list of 50 Things to Do. And I was already running out of ideas when I got to #40.

There was a tailgate before the meet, and then Katydid, Frogger Blogger and I walked down to the UGA bookstore. That's always a dangerous move, but I managed to control myself this time, mostly in consideration of #31.

The results of the meet were much more satisfying this year, even though we still had some disappointments. This team hasn't performed up to its potential much this year. We seem to put together three great events, and we have one disastrous one. This time our disastrous event was our first one, balance beam, and even though we came back with a vengeance, the damage was done. UCLA won the meet handily, but we came in second, and so we qualified for the national championships in two weeks. No, I'm not going. I haven't lost anything in Cleveland, and besides there's a 3-day bicycle ride that weekend.

#43 was a complete and total surprise. I got out the Wii Fit balance board because I intended to video the Wii bitch saying, "That's obese." I wanted to save it for the point when I've lost enough weight that I'm not obese anymore, just overweight.

Imagine my surprise when she did NOT say "obese," but she said "That's overweight." I have never been so happy in my life to be told I'm overweight.

Side note: I didn't need the Wii to tell me I'm slightly off-center.

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