Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Getting Rougher......

Some trips just turn out like this. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been a BAD trip, and I've had plenty of time both to relax and to do the things I want to do. We've just had a few ..... glitches.

I was driving when we got here yesterday, and as I turned into the state park, the brake pedal went all the way to the floor. The brake line was broken, and we had to get a mechanic to come to the park and repair it to the tune of $363. It could have been so much worse, however, if it had happened on I-75 when someone slammed on brakes in front of us. Or when Katydid and I were on the way home from Spring Tune-Up.

There was the t.v. catastrophe yesterday.

It got warm enough this afternoon to turn on the air conditioner, so we did. Only it didn't work. Blows air, but doesn't cool. Again, it could have been much worse (in my opinion) if we hadn't discovered that until we were on BRAG. At least here it isn't blazing hot, and we've got time to get it repaired before BRAG.

Gus knocked Hubby's glasses off (mainly because they were where they SHOULDN'T have been), and Hubby stepped on them.

The water pressure in this park is non-existent. There's plenty of it, just not a strong enough stream to take a shower. I went to the bathhouse, insulted because I have to use the same facility as the commoners (ha ha ha ha ha ha), and there was no pressure there either. I did manage to get clean, though.

It's getting harder and harder to convince Hubby to go out West.

On a positive note, Gus and I went for a 1.85 mile walk/run this morning, and I didn't die. Hubby suggested we ride the bikes, and he was finished after 3 miles. We came back to the RV, but then I left on my own to do another 7. Riding that (cheap) mountain bike with knobby tires is much harder than riding my smooth-as-silk road bike (whom I've named Jezebel).

I wasn't wearing proper biking clothes (read: padded shorts) or a helmet (so sue me), so I didn't venture too far away from the campground. I took a serious nap afterward.

Yes, I realize the map makes it look like a drunk went crazy with a crayon.

This is a beautiful park, though. Facilities are very nice, there is a HUGE swimming pool, a marina with a restaurant, and loads of campsites. It isn't crowded, so it has been a lot like having the place to ourselves.

Maybe Hubby will bump his head enough someday to get a severe case of amnesia, and we can come back here. He doesn't believe in going the same place twice when there are so many other places in the world to visit.

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Kelly said...

Just tell him you're getting all the kinks worked out on this trip. A trip out west would go more smoothly.