Friday, April 22, 2011

Gloomy Day.......

I've been in kind of a funk all day, but I'm trying to shake it off.

It could be that the spring weather made a u-turn (yes, I know how spoiled we are here in the South). The temps were supposed to get to the 70's today, but I'd be surprised if they even touched 60. It was cloudy, misty, gloomy-looking all day.

It could be that today was my last official day of spring break. On the bright side, we only have 20 more school days this year. I can do 20 days. This morning I ironed enough clothes that I think I have (almost) 20 different outfits to carry me through the end of the year. Now if I could only make 20 lunches in advance. I guess that wouldn't be too healthy.

It could be that this morning I was debating among running, kayaking, and biking as my exercise choices for today. I did none of those because I don't like being cold. So I did 48 minutes on the elliptical instead. Yes I realize what a stupid number 48 minutes is. It just happens to be the exact length of time it takes to watch an episode of the stupid, lame, idiotic, angst-filled, poorly written teen drama that I CANNOT STOP WATCHING.

It could be that the Braves are playing on the West Coast this week (and badly to boot) and I can't have my nightly dose of baseball. They had the decency to play a day game yesterday, and then they had the nerve to get beaten in the 12th inning on a 3-run homer. Buttheads.

It could be the fact that there are 134 days until college football starts. 

It could be that I'm wasting a lot of emotional energy waiting for an apology from Hubby that will likely never come, because I "take things too seriously." [REALLY? Me? Have I EVER been known to take things too seriously, even things I SHOULD?]

Tomorrow will definitely be an improvement. If not, I just won't mention it.


Anonymous said...

and I have the husband that overly apologizes for everything! There has to be a nice balance in there somewhere!

Evil Pixie said...

I'm in a weird kind of funk as well. Yesterday I rolled up my sleeve and worked on a car that hasn't run in 2 years (it runs now!), but getting all dirty and greasy - working out in the sunshine - didn't even help. Now I'm reaching for the hard stuff - chocolate. :)