Monday, April 18, 2011

"Roughing It" Again......

Hubby and I are "camping" in Tennessee for a couple of nights. I needed a new sticker on the door of the RV, and two nights is about all I can get him away from home. I don't know how we will ever see the Grand Canyon.

The concept of "roughing it" has certainly changed. Hubby is on the phone with one of his buddies, I'm on the internet, we're listening to the radio, and we would be watching television except the flat screen fell off the top "bunk" and is destroyed. Let me tell you about a billion times how happy I am that I am not the one who set the t.v. up there. I got the satellite working (again), and we were both outside when we heard the crash. Therefore it is in no way my fault. I don't care if we watch t.v. or not anyway. Our DVR will record Dancing with the Stars, and I just MAY get to watch it later this week. Hubby said something about working around the house toward the end of the week. Somehow I pictured riding my bike while he played golf for the last few days of my spring break. Not cleaning the gutters (my job ever since he fell off a ladder in 2001) or organizing the storage building.

I had just fixed myself a bloody mary when the t.v. crashed inside the RV. I rushed to set my drink on the picnic table, but it fell off and spilled. I decided that was a sign I wasn't supposed to have one, so I drank water with dinner.

Hubby has a hard time just relaxing. Me? I can sit and do nothing with the best of them. Well, not really nothing.... I brought a Kindle, an iPad, a laptop, a Nintendo DS, my (crappy) knitting. I can keep myself busy even when I'm roughing it.

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Julie said...

Your style of roughing it isn't very rough! You'd never make it on one of my trips off the bike with only tent, sleeping bag, beach chair, and miniature campfire grill. I will be taking my mini laptop the next time I go, so I guess I'm headed in the same direction of electronic addiction.