Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Shopper's Rationale.....

I'm not a huge shopaholic, but boy can I justify buying something I want. Or just buying sometimes for the sake of buying.

When we were at the casino last weekend, I was up at one point to the tune of $800. That felt pretty good, and we still had two more days to go.

Guess how casinos make their money?

By lunchtime the next day, I was only up $100. I was feeling a little depressed, like I had lost $700, when I still had more money than I brought with me.

The casino we frequent is actually TWO casinos, across the street from each other, joined by an over-the-street walkway. Between the two casinos are some shops, and I can't resist ducking into one (or two or three) of them every trip. One sells all kinds of apparel and other merchandise with college logos on it, but I don't stay in there very long because UGA merchandise is definitely in the minority.

Another store, however, is a jewelry store.

When I was feeling a little down because I wasn't making money hand-over-fist anymore, I decided to try out the OTHER casino. But there was that jewelry store, "sitting there just like a spider..." [Name that movie].

I went in and browsed, looking mainly at earrings. I like different colored stones, and my eye naturally fell on some topaz earrings, because yellow is my favorite color. Topaz isn't my birthstone, but you can only justify buying so many pairs of diamond earrings. I picked out some lovely oval studs that were well within my price range.

"There's a beautiful pear-shaped pair in our 50% off display case," the clerk said.

Fifty percent off! What a bargain!

The earrings that were fifty percent off were still way more than the first pair. But in my mind, I was saving WAY more money than I was going to spend at first.

So I bought them. Don't you love that rationale?

I'll post a picture when I'm not so lazy.

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