Sunday, May 2, 2010

My First Rose.....

Hubby sometimes does the sweetest, most unexpected things for me. They are small and might seem insignificant to most people, but they are fraught with meaning for me. Like how I used the word "fraught"?

A few weeks ago, he planted a rose bush beside our front steps. I am not the gardening kind, and Hubby isn't that much into it either. He will plant some flowers occasionally, he will remind me to water the plant we got when my father died almost 8 years ago [a record for me], and he loves planting a small vegetable garden every spring, but he's not the work-in-the-hard type. I'm not either, although I'm hoping Katydid will help turn me into one. Sometime.

Hubby didn't just plant a rose bush. He planted a YELLOW rose bush. He knows that's my favorite flower. That was even sweeter than when he bought me a dozen of them for my birthday. I didn't notice them on the kitchen table, and I didn't notice when he planted the bush.

While we were away this weekend, the first rose bloomed on the baby bush.

It is by no means a perfect bloom, but I love it.

Our neighbors probably wondered why I was sitting on the ground in the front yard, oblivious of the fact that Gus was roaming aimlessly. Oh wait....he does that every day.

I hope we don't kill the rosebush.

Big Brutus would like to offer his opinion on the situation.

Back to school tomorrow. Only fifteen days left in the school year, and I am ecstatic that I will NOT be teaching summer school this year.

The weekend golfing/gambling trip was good. I brought back more money than I took, which is not how these weekends usually turn out. I'm debating about what to do with SOME of the money I brought back.

New mountain bike?

Some new cool techie toy like an iPad?

Clothes and shoes? (Nah, I can get by on what I've got for the next 15 days.)

Something for the motorhome?


Decisions, decisions. I think I'll sleep on it for a while.


Evil Pixie said...

Very pretty. I LOVE the cat shot. :)

Anonymous said...

Thx ur share........................................